1913 meets 2013!

Welcome to 2013 all...the 10th/100th anniversary of 1913!

We have radical plans planned, beginning with a brand new book:

The Transfer Tree by Karena Youtz... 
available NOW from 1913 Press & SPD! 
Here & here.

And we are simply agog to announce TWO absolutely stunning selections from 1913's Open Reading Period 2012:

Untimely Death is Driven Out Beyond the Horizon 
by Brenda Iijima 

Pomme & Granite 
by Sarah Riggs

Thanks to all who sent their wonderful works our way.

We’d like to single out the following dizzyingly excellent manuscripts, among a field of so many fine excellents:

Anais Nin: I of the Storm by Kazim Ali 
The Posture of Contour: A Public Primer by James Belflower 
Abra by Amaranth Borsuk & Kate Durbin 
Quantum Poetics: The Word and Its Earthwork by Amy Catanzano 
Talks Over Stolen Food by Jon Cotner & Andy Fitch 
seer/SUCKER by Steve Halle 
Third Sound by Kevin Holden 
Nineties by Lucy Ives 
Dead Man’s Hat by Quincy Jones 
Nonfiction by Shane McCrae 
You’re Going to Miss Me When You’re Bored by Justin Marks 
Very Different Animals by Frank Sherlock 
Jacques Lipchitz by Paul Siegell 
Pay Per View by Tony Trigilio 
Meadow Slasher by Joshua Marie Wilkinson

Stay tuned soon for Bravura Cool by Jane Lewty ...and maybe 1,913 things or more!

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