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In its first 5 issues, 1913 has had the great fortune to publish some of the most egregiously exciting literary-art & art-art work being made right now... & With 1913 Press, we're amping up the machine with books of poetry, cross-genre, collaborative, and visual work by John Keene & Christopher Stackhouse, Shin Yu Pai, Biswamit Dwibedy, Arielle Greenberg & Rachel Zucker, Diane Wald, and books forthcoming from Mendi & Keith Obadike, Ward Tietz, Srikanth Reddy & Dan Beachy-Quick, and Karena Youtz. In collaboration with Tamaas, 1913 is putting out a stunningly good annual inter-translation anthology entitled READ, the results of the Paris translation seminars each June.

Unfortunately, given the state of the world (& yes, 1913's anti-capitalist "business" model, which entails getting these works into the hands that read them rather than trying to hock wares for a profit), 1913 is not only woefully underfunded, but plain UN-funded (which simply means that 1913's publications are paid for out-of-pocket by the Dollers, whose name doesn't necessarily signify what it signifies...).

...And so! 1913 is calling on YOU in its every-three-or-so-years way in case you are inclined, interested, intrigued, or impertinent enough to give yr generous & much needed support to 1913 a journal of forms/1913 Press & its project(s).

Your support will earn you rank among the saints of 1913, alongside the likes of Stein, Eva & Picasso, Braque, de Zayas, Goncharova, Tagore, De Sitter, Delaunay-Terk, Cendrars, HD, the Black Fives, Apollinaire, Harriet Tubman, Sung Chiao-jen, Duchamp, Rosa Parks, Loy, Paz, Prada, Vivien Leigh, Jimmy Hoffa, the rioting masses, and yes, the Armory Show & the Ford assembly line (sort of).

Donations may be made via PayPal, credit card, or semi-good check at:
& acknowledged as Anonymous or by Pet Name, Pen Name, Real Name, or in Someone Else's name...(we hear Alice B Toklas IS s quite a fan).

A donation of $500 entitles the giver to rank of low-modernist, undying 1913 thanks, AND a lifetime subscription to 1913 publications (which, at the rate we're going, is actually sort of a deal).


I do:

Heather Knight, a social roboticist (what?!) makes robots that engage in performance art. It seems super cool, but honestly I can't say I completely understand it. As soon as I started thinking about it I realized I don't actually know what a robot is (as opposed to a "machine" or a "computer"). The definition I found in my head was "a machine that has some human characteristics." I asked a more technologically inclined friend and she said "a machine that can do things autonomously. but I just pulled that out of my ass."

Man. What is a robot and what could we poets do with one?

Happy Valentine's Day from 1913!


(in no particular order) (by Meg Ronan) (with outrageous product placement)

Check out official details for all the 1913-related AWP events in the post below. We are going to be crazy busy.

1) Go to a bunch of amazing-looking readings at Bridgestreet Books, including the Song Cave reading Saturday afternoon and the Edge Reading Series Friday night.

2) Wear my coolest poet outfits and make other poets think I'm cool.

3) Hang out at Table X, read through the new 1913, smoke some candy cigarettes, read some WRITER'S TAROT (from 11:00-1:00 on Thursday).

4) Go to the George Mason University Poetry Faculty reading to hear Jennifer Atkinson, Susan Tichy, Ben Doller, and Sally Keith. Friday at 1:30.

5) BUY/GET DISCOUNTS ON/BE GIVEN a million books/journals. One good thing about living in the host city: Don't have to restrict myself to what I can fly home.

6) Get some free booze compliments of my alma mater, GMU, on Thursday night. Thanks for the reception! Drink tickets are the best way to spend the first 1/2 hour of your night at AWP!

7) Go to the "Beyond Times New Roman: The Literary Journal as Object" on Thursday, Feb 3 from 4:30pm - 5:45pm. Learn about how some journals are just so damn beautiful.

8) The Journal Porn Reading, on Thursday night at The Black Squirrel. Get blind and friendly with some of those beautiful journals: Versal, Trickhouse, Lumberyard, 6x6 and 1913.

9) The Ahsahta Press Reading @ Big Bear Cafe on Thursday night.

10) Have Rachel Zucker & Arielle Greenberg’s sign my copy of Home/Birth: A Poemic at 12:15 at Table X.

11) Go to Rachel & Arielle’s panel “Unite!: Radical Acts of Collaboration" on Friday at 10:30. Super excited. Teaching collaborative writing these days, so I need the radical inspiration.

12) The Ping! Pong! Po! Happy Hour Reading on Friday @ Comet Ping Pong. Beer? Ping Pong? 1913, Action, Letter Machine Editions, & Octopus? Yes please.

13) ART IS SQUARE reading/reception/exhibit at the Artisphere's Dome Theater on Friday night. Presented by Articles Press, SpringGun, and Interrupture, this looks like an unstoppable amalgamation of poets, visual artists, and musicians.

1913 @ AWP!

Please join 1913 for our teenish events & launches @ AWP:

1913 will be in the Table X area of the Book Room! We’ll be sharing a table with La Presse & Subito Press. Come on by…


NEW publications launching @ AWP:
1913 a journal of forms’ Issue 5
Home/Birth: A Poemic by Arielle Greenberg & Rachel Zucker
Wonderbender by Diane Wald

We’ll also have copies of Ozalid by Biswamit Dwibedy (2010) & Seismosis by John Keene & Christopher Stackhouse (2007) on hand; past issues of the magazine are available for FREE download on our website.

ALL 1913 books & journals at AWP will sell for the special poor poets price of $10!!!


"Beyond Times New Roman: The Literary Journal as Object" on Thursday, Feb 3 from 4:30pm - 5:45pm, Nathan Hale room, Marriott Wardman Park

Join 1913 a journal of forms, 6x6, The Lumberyard Magazine, Ninth Letter, and Versal for this ridiculously beautiful AWP panel . . .

From curatorial art teams to the hand-bound letterpress, to pages upon which art and words are nearly indistinguishable, the literary journal is so much more than paper and font choice. Attention to design will turn a journal into an art object that sets it apart from the masses. Editors from five innovative journals share concrete strategies for incorporating art and design: getting submissions, working with an art editor, and how to redesign the literary journal from scratch.


Journal Porn Reading, Thursday Feb 3 from 7:30-10:30pm @ The Black Squirrel, upstairs lounge, 2427 18th Street NW,

We hope you'll come down to this (free!) fun-times offsite event with Versal, Trickhouse, Lumberyard, 6x6 and 1913. We've put together an amazing and incredibly wide-ranging line-up of readers. Please come join us!

. . . A reading from five of the best designed journals on the planet . . . Free entry and a (Belgian-esque) beer selection on tap . . . Buy the editors a beer and they may just kiss you . . . Versal's first-ever on US soil . . . UPDATE! Video storms from Brandon Downing . . .

1913 a journal of forms

Lee Ann Brown
Katie Byrum
Julia Cohen
James Copeland
Brandon Downing
Lucy Ives
Joanna Klink
Matthew Lippman
Sawako Nakayasu
Elizabeth Frankie Rollins


Friday Feb 4 @ 12:15, please swing by Rachel Zucker & Arielle Greenberg’s book signing of their NEW 1913 Press book, Home/Birth: A Poemic @ our table shared w/La Presse & Subito Press in Table X after Rachel & Arielle’s panel “Unite!: Radical Acts of Collaboration" Friday from 10:30-11:45am in the Delaware Suite Room


Ping! Pong! Po! Friday Feb 4 from 4-6pm Happy Hour @ Comet Ping Pong, 5037 Connecticut Avenue,

Join 1913, Action, Letter Machine Editions, & Octopus @ AWP for a Happy Hour Reading-Ping Pong event:

Cynthia Arrieu-King
Claire Becker
Julie Carr
Lara Glenum
Joe Hall
Jeff T. Johnson
Juliana Leslie
Farid Matuk
Sueyeun Juliette Lee
Sawako Nakayasu
Kathleen Ossip
Abe Smith
Ronaldo Wilson