Have you seen 1913 #5?

Contributor Cody Rose Clevidence's 13 favorite places in this world:

1) under bridges.
2) dense woods, esp. in the pacific northwest esp. for chanterelle season.
3) on moving objects (trains cars trucks bikes boats airplanes subways.)
4) apparatus (new orleans.)
5) nyc esp. brooklyn esp. by the water looking over & across at the city esp. at night.
6) university libraries.
7) any Temporary shelter/ construction.
8) pnw/ n. california coast w. cliffs &/or crabbing docks.
9) my idea of arkansas in the ozarks.
10) fancyland (n. california.)
11) coney island.
12) front porches.
13) public land that's gone to seed & exists as secret wildernesses inside cities.

Read the journal. Go to these places. Write poems while in these places but not about being in these places. Thanks Cody!

Thx to John Gallagher fr the 1913 & Diane Wald shout-out!

Cheers & happy spring break & all:

"A few things that you shouldn't miss!

Spring Break Bookshelf:


Diane Wald, Wonderbender. 1913 Press.

Another very small, new-ish press. This is Wald’s third book of poetry and if you don’t know her work, it’s a good place to start. “[T]hese small things we need” she writes, and that seems a perfect philosophy to me. Wald has seemed to me one of the poets who should be talked about a lot more than I feel she is. Next year 1913 Press will bring out a collaborative book, titled Conversities, by Dan Beachy-Quick & Srikanth Reddy that I’m looking forward to. "

Home/Birth reading party!

Please join us to celebrate the publication of "Home/Birth: a poemic" by Arielle Greenberg & Rachel Zucker

Wednesday, March 23rd, 7-8 pm @ Book Culture
536 West 112th Street (Between Broadway and Amsterdam)

There will be a short reading, books to buy and have signed, and wine and cookies.

Rachel & Arielle hope to see you there.

(Please pass this invitation along to friends and students!)

"Home/Birth: A Poemic is an empowering, honest, generous, painful must-read for mothers-to-be and those who love them.” -Ricki Lake & Abby Epstein, producers of The Business of Being Born & authors of Your Best Birth

“Years ago I gave birth to three children in a hospital, each one spilling forth in a genre unlike the one before. Natural, epidural, endless. This book would have been of great interest to me then. Now it is here in time for my daughters, not just the ones who are poets or prose writers, but the daughters who are students and workers and mothers to be. These daughters live in great peril and fight their way through to the consolation of a home that is safe. Home/Birth represents that consolation, and the bravery required to secure it.” —Fanny Howe, poet

“Greenberg and Zucker have written an intimate, raw, beautiful book. Home/Birth lets you in on a conversation, a most important conversation, between friends, between women, between a woman and herself. It feels like the ancestor midwives are listening in, too, chiming in with reassurance, stories, outrage, wisdom. In a culture that so often silences this conversation with fear and shame and smiles and nods, Greenberg and Zucker sustain it through the interruptions and soundbites, including them in the discourse but never letting them shut it down. Like birth itself, this conversation is not linear or predictable; it is messy and real and powerful, and a gift to be privy to. ‘We haven’t even begun to talk about…’ is one of the book’s refrains, but there’s so very much here.” — Jennifer Block, journalist, author of Pushed