1913's 1st Book Results, selected by Fanny Howe!

Dear wonderfuls,

I am thrilled to announce the results of 1913's 1st book reading period, selected by Fanny Howe:

-Jane Lewty's Bravura Cool
-Nathaniel Otting's Why Not Pass Easily Through Another's Life--A Book of Hours; or Another Wrong Book

Both fantastically amazing books will be published by 1913 Press in 2012.

It's inane to say how many fabulous manuscripts were submitted...yet it's true. I am humbled to have had the chance to personally read all of them--so much good stuff!--& I'm feeling buoyed by the direction of new writing...there was so much to love & so much wild uncategorizable excellent goings-on!

We'd especially like to single out the remarkable finalists, below:

-Alexandra Mattraw's honest as any treeless place
-Sara Mumolo's You Invent the Weapon I Touch You With
-Matthew Nye's Pike and Bloom
-Amarnath Ravva's American Canyon
-Aisha Sloan's Resolution in Bearing
-Colin Winnette's Ink
-Carolyn Zaikowski's A Child is Being Killed

Big congrats to the many of you whose books were selected for publication elsewhere along the way--& big thanks to those of you who let us know in advance!

Mine, Fanny's, & 1913's gratitude to all those who submitted...


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