Have you seen 1913 #5?

Contributor Cody Rose Clevidence's 13 favorite places in this world:

1) under bridges.
2) dense woods, esp. in the pacific northwest esp. for chanterelle season.
3) on moving objects (trains cars trucks bikes boats airplanes subways.)
4) apparatus (new orleans.)
5) nyc esp. brooklyn esp. by the water looking over & across at the city esp. at night.
6) university libraries.
7) any Temporary shelter/ construction.
8) pnw/ n. california coast w. cliffs &/or crabbing docks.
9) my idea of arkansas in the ozarks.
10) fancyland (n. california.)
11) coney island.
12) front porches.
13) public land that's gone to seed & exists as secret wildernesses inside cities.

Read the journal. Go to these places. Write poems while in these places but not about being in these places. Thanks Cody!

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