(in no particular order) (by Meg Ronan) (with outrageous product placement)

Check out official details for all the 1913-related AWP events in the post below. We are going to be crazy busy.

1) Go to a bunch of amazing-looking readings at Bridgestreet Books, including the Song Cave reading Saturday afternoon and the Edge Reading Series Friday night.

2) Wear my coolest poet outfits and make other poets think I'm cool.

3) Hang out at Table X, read through the new 1913, smoke some candy cigarettes, read some WRITER'S TAROT (from 11:00-1:00 on Thursday).

4) Go to the George Mason University Poetry Faculty reading to hear Jennifer Atkinson, Susan Tichy, Ben Doller, and Sally Keith. Friday at 1:30.

5) BUY/GET DISCOUNTS ON/BE GIVEN a million books/journals. One good thing about living in the host city: Don't have to restrict myself to what I can fly home.

6) Get some free booze compliments of my alma mater, GMU, on Thursday night. Thanks for the reception! Drink tickets are the best way to spend the first 1/2 hour of your night at AWP!

7) Go to the "Beyond Times New Roman: The Literary Journal as Object" on Thursday, Feb 3 from 4:30pm - 5:45pm. Learn about how some journals are just so damn beautiful.

8) The Journal Porn Reading, on Thursday night at The Black Squirrel. Get blind and friendly with some of those beautiful journals: Versal, Trickhouse, Lumberyard, 6x6 and 1913.

9) The Ahsahta Press Reading @ Big Bear Cafe on Thursday night.

10) Have Rachel Zucker & Arielle Greenberg’s sign my copy of Home/Birth: A Poemic at 12:15 at Table X.

11) Go to Rachel & Arielle’s panel “Unite!: Radical Acts of Collaboration" on Friday at 10:30. Super excited. Teaching collaborative writing these days, so I need the radical inspiration.

12) The Ping! Pong! Po! Happy Hour Reading on Friday @ Comet Ping Pong. Beer? Ping Pong? 1913, Action, Letter Machine Editions, & Octopus? Yes please.

13) ART IS SQUARE reading/reception/exhibit at the Artisphere's Dome Theater on Friday night. Presented by Articles Press, SpringGun, and Interrupture, this looks like an unstoppable amalgamation of poets, visual artists, and musicians.

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